Countryside trails

You’ll take off cycling to a buddhist temple to learn about the Khmer Rouge period. From here, you’ll cycle Angkor Thom’s trails, witness rural life and visit one of Cambodia’s largest reservoirs. After lunch, you’ll receive a monk blessing, before returning to your hotel for a well-earned rest.

Cambodia: then and now

If you wish to experience and learn about Cambodia’s past and present, through a varied itinerary, then select our multi-day tour. You’ll view Angkor’s temples back from the 12th-century, visit the landmine museum and learn about Cambodia’s recent troubled past and the impact it has had on Cambodia today.

Outdoor educational expeditions

The program is aimed to help push students to go outside of their comfort zone, to explore themselves and Cambodia’s beauty, challenging them to think critically about development and charity work within Cambodia, and hopefully they grow to be a better version of themselves and global-citizens.