Countryside trails

You’ll start your tour by meeting your experienced LTA guide. From here, you’ll take off to a buddhist temple which served as one of the killing fields during the Khmer Rouge period. Once here, you’ll be given a brief history about the Khmer Rouge and the ramifications this period has had on modern-day Cambodia.

Next on our ride is Angkor Thom’s trail, the capital city established in the 12th-century. Here, you’ll cycle around one of its’ five gates before taking off to Baray reservoir, one of Cambodia’s largest man-made reservoirs. This place also serves as a popular relaxation spot for locals and tourists alike. Local villages will also be explored witnessing the daily activities which occur in the Cambodian countryside. By now you’ll be ready to cool down, so what better way than being blessed by a monk?!

Once you’ve been blessed, you’re ready to head back to your accommodation for a well-deserved rest. At the end of your tour, you’ll know a little about the Khmer Rouge time, will have explored an ancient capital city trail, seen where locals relax and been blessed by a monk!

Tour Details

  • Meet at your accommodation
  • Visit a buddhist temple & learn a brief history about the Khmer Rouge period
  • Cycle along Angkor Thom’s trail, a route hailing back to the 12th-century
  • Witness everyday countryside life
  • Lunch overlooking Cambodia’s largest man-made reservoirs
  • Continue cycling and receive a water blessing!
  • Return back to your accommodation for some rest and relaxation!

Included: Mountain bike, tour guide, lunch, water and coconut water.

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