Grace Elizabeth (Former Australian Student)

‘’I write to give my highest recommendation to Cho as a person, friend, tour guide and member of the community. I met Cho in 2012 when I traveled to Cambodia as a student; I was seventeen years old, it was my first time overseas and I felt extremely safe from day 1 in the care of Cho and his tour guide partner. Cho was absolutely fantastic in his knowledge of Cambodia and more importantly of the social justice issues that are throughout many Cambodian communities. Cho’s knowledge enriched my trip far greater than anything I could have expected or wished for, and what I learnt from him and our tour changed me as a person. I learnt to think very critically and that all foreign aid work starts from the ground up’’.

Daniela Papi (

“Cho is one of the most thoughtful, engaging, humble, and authentic people I have had the privilege to work with. He is an incredible guide, inviting guests, from student groups to adult life-long learners, to consider important questions as they travel. And he ALWAYS makes travel fun. Growing up right on the edge of the Angkor temples gave Cho a unique insight into the area and his subsequent travels and learning give him the skills to connect with global travelers while providing a unique local experience. I can’t recommend a trip with Cho enough!”

Prachi (Former Australian Student)

“We had the pleasure of taking a PEPY tour with Choch and it was truly a life changing experience. Choch greeted us with a large smile and an infectious joy for learning and life. We took ten young Australian leaders to Cambodia to learn about local community development, but we left with so much more including a better understanding of our own potential to be positive agents of change. Thank you for showing us your beautiful country and taking us on an adventure of a lifetime!”

Rotem (Former Australian Student)

“Cho’s unwavering energy and passion made my time in Cambodia so meaningful. His unique insights gave me perspective and brought depth and intellectual challenges to each day – I could not recommend him more highly, definitely an unforgettable guide!”

Katelyn (Former Australian Student)

‘’Cho is so much fun and so genuine. Couldn’t have asked for a more amazing guide. Everywhere we went he was friends with someone, which goes to show just how friendly and warm he is with everyone!’’